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 Osiris Rosa (Complete)

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NAME|Osiris Rosa


Osiris Rosa (Complete) Sakata.Gintoki.240.1945909

EYE COLOR|Soft Amber
HAIR COLOR|Dusty Silver

PHYSICAL/APPAREL DESCRIPTION|During the warmer months Osiris tends to wear a black, short sleeved, button up shirt with the collar up and red buttons. Red lining traces the outline of the shirt from the collar area, around the sleeves and around the waist area. He tends to leave one to two buttons undone at the top of his shirt mildly exposing his chest to the world. He wears dull red, slim fit pants that rest on top of his shoes perfectly. The black belt he uses to hold his pants up also has a fanny pack attached to it where he tends to store his Pokéball’s and sometimes snacks. He wears white and black dress shoes that seem slightly out of place given his outfit but they work on him for some reason. The shoes themselves are white with two black stripes trailing along either side (heel to toe) and they also have black laces complementing his color scheme. The fanny pack is white with a Pokéball’s symbol on it.

During some of the colder months Osiris can be found wearing a large plain white and grey sweater, with a red scarf wrapped around half of his face while the rest is dangling off the back of his shoulder. He wears jet black boot cut pants with a white belt. Putting up the dress shoes for the season he chooses to wear grey boots instead that swallow his feet and parts of his pant legs. Across his back is his single strap travel pack where he stores his Pokéball’s...and yes some snacks as well.

He has fairly broad shoulders and a slight muscular physique. He is a little above average height for males and always has a calm, uncaring look on his face like he has better things to do or better places to be at. His hair is white and constantly looks ruffled and/or messy almost like a pile of feathers. It is mildly curly especially in the back but is somewhat more straight in the front around his bang area. Altogether his hair doesn't stretch any further past his earlobes. Osiris's eyes are a soft amber color. His eyes always look rested and its usually hard to tell what’s on his mind just by looking him in the eyes. I guess in a way you could say the help him pull off and excellent poker face at times. His eyes are slightly ovular shaped with medium sized pupils and somewhat large iris's.

STRENGTHS|Strategic thinking, focused, empathetic
WEAKNESSES|Vague, Impatient, Loose-tongued

MENTAL/EMOTIONAL DESCRIPTION|Osiris always tries his best to think things through fully before approaching a situation head on. He always tends to stay focused and isn't easily distracted by most things but that does stop him from being there for his friends when they truly need it. However, despite his caring side, he can get a little impatient when things aren't entirely going how he would need them to. When talking to any really Osiris is rather vague in his speech and has too loose of a tongue for his own good, honestly no filter with what he says to some people, he normally is aware of what he wants to say and what he actually says but sometimes it gets the best of him putting him in interesting predicaments. 

HOMETOWN/REGION|Simis Town/Southern Saidonis
BACKGROUND| Osiris grew up a single child in a home not so complicated but filled with many flaws. His dad was always working on projects with his fellow researchers and his mom was always cleaning fossils she had found on her many excavations. During the first seven years of Osiris's life he was his parent's top priority but after that it was almost as though he was living by himself in some cases. There would be days where Osiris would wake up to the smell of food but no one home, minus the Pokemon his parent's had left behind to keep him company. Every morning his mother's Alakazam would make the family (mostly Osiris) breakfast and spend as much time with him as possible. This same routine would continue for several months since he had turn seven but soon it all changed.

By the time Osiris had turned eleven his mother and father split up for reason's unknown. Apparently the life of a researcher and collector had their own perks, but at the same time their own flaws. Osiris saw the signs though as they were coming, both parent's fighting over who had to miss a day of work to watch their son, who had to pick up their son from the Pokemon Academy, who had to tuck their son in at night and read him a story. They were treating their jobs as if it were their actual children. At least Osiris had Alakazam around to keep him company and go on mini adventures sometimes.

Every few months or so for a continuing five years Osiris would alternate his living situation being with his mom and then his dad and vice versa. It was hard to him to really be social with anyone because by the time he managed to make friends he had to go to the other parent's house as part of the agreement. And even when the parent's had split they still were giving their jobs all the attention in the world. The older Osiris got the more he grew aware of what his parent's felt about him, or at least what he thought they felt. 

By the time Osiris turned sixteen he finally addressed his father about why he didn't like spending time with him or why he never seemed to be around. Hearing those words from his own son had crushed the dad's spirit. His excuse was "You never said anything about it, we thought everything was okay," something more or less along those lines, but as soon as the topic was brought up Osiris's dad began bringing him to work more often as well as the mom. They felt bad for neglecting their son over the past years and wanted to make things right before things got worse; seemed fair enough.

One day Osiris and his Mother went out on a mini family excavation to a forest located not to far away from their house. The sun was shining bright enough to where it bled through the open spaces of the towering tree branches and leaves. Osiris's Mom let both her Liepard and Alakazam out as they continued walking through the forest. Being as curious as ever at the time Osiris had wandered off without informing his mom and Alakazam chased after him worried he might get hurt. It was really Osiris's first time being in an uncharted area and his inner child got the best of him honestly. He ran through the forest seeing deerling, yanma, aipoms galore. It was such a beautiful site to him until suddenly THUD! he tripped over a tree route and came toppling down a steep hill. Rolling through the bushes all the way down until he came to a abrupt stop.

His mother's Alakazam had stopped him dead in his tracks using psychic and hovered himself down to make sure Osiris was alright. Looking at Alakazam Osiris gave him and apologetic smile and a firm thank you of gratitude before a whimpering noise broke his concentration. Turning around he came face to face with an Exeggcute that seemed to be in a lot of pain. He walked over to it as Alakazam grabbed his hand stopping him. Assuring Alakazam that everything was going to be okay Osiris proceeded to the fatigued Pokemon and saw that it had been injured. Osiris asked Alakazam if he could help lift both the exeggcute and himself back to the top of the cliff so they could take the pokemon home and nurture it. The moment Osiris and Alakazam caught up with Osiris mom who had been looking every for him, he explained the story to her and they hurried on back home. Osiris Asked to have the Exeggcute be placed in his room for the time being until the pokemon got better. Hesitant at first with the idea, Osiris's mom gave in to his suggestion and let the exeggcute stay with them up until it got better.

For several days Osiris looked after the exeggcute making sure it ws getting all of its nutrients and tending to its wounds. After about a few weeks the exeggcute seemed to be doing better up until it had became extremely ill for no apparent reason. Examining the pokemon's body further Osiris noticed a purple barb inside the pokemon's side. He slowly and carefully pulled it out showing it to his mother who had instantly said it looks as though the pokemon had been poisoned. RUshing the exeggcute to the nearest pokemon center Osiris handed him to nurse joy who told him not to worry and that she would take care of the rest. Several hours had passed and the pokeball light turned off as Nurse Joy walked out of the door with a refreshingly happy Exeggcute. Although Osiris didn't technically own the exeggcute, the pokemon could tell by his spirit of how amazing a person Osiris had been to it, which made it not want to leave Osiris's side. Osiris explained the situation to his mom who couldn't have been any prouder of her son. She gave him a empty pokeball as Osiris walked to the Exeggcute smiling, "It looks like you'll be apart of my family for a while now," The exeggcute would smile as he jumped up and tapped the button on the center of the ball itself. A bright red light engulfed the pokemon sucking it into the ball as hit shook several times before coming to a complete stop. It would have been the very first pokemon Osiris had capture and he was proud he could make a friend from it.

Several years after catching Exeggcute osiris set out on his journey to become a pokemon trainer. Since that day he explored the forest he realized he wanted to see what other corners of the world held and had to offer. It was time for him to start writing the chapters to his book called life, and so he did with his new Partner in crime.

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Osiris Rosa (Complete) Exeggcute




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Osiris Rosa (Complete)
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