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 Ronja Rødvand (Complete)

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PostSubject: Ronja Rødvand (Complete)   Ronja Rødvand (Complete) EmptyTue Jan 10, 2017 10:52 am

NAME| Ronja Rødvand
AGE| 23
GENDER| Female

HEIGHT| 170 cm
WEIGHT| 66 kg

EYE COLOR| Ice blue

PHYSICAL/APPAREL DESCRIPTION| Though Ronja may look imposing to some, physically, she is rather weak and lacks endurance. She doesn't have much muscle mass and has a skinny build. Ronja moves around in a graceful and practiced manner, and her posture is flawless. When she thinks she's alone, though, she'll slouch. Her limbs are long and slightly awkward-looking, but she tries to hide it with long sleeves. She keeps her short-cut hair in very good condition. Because she doesn't like water, she often uses dry shampoos. Her palms are often covered with scabs because she clenches her fists when irritated and her nails leave scratch marks. Above all, Ronja presents the image of a scion of the upper-crust- and she is. She cares for her appearance very much and tries her hardest to leave a powerful first impression.

Weight wise, she remains rather lean. Not through diets, but rather because vegetables are her favorite food and make up most of her diet. She can eat an entire cucumber in one sitting. Slowly, she's trying to work out and excercise to help build up the muscle that she doesn't quite have yet. Mostly, she jogs and lifts weights, but it hasn't affected her appearance yet. She usually wears fine yet durable clothes. They appear to be made expensively, but she has had them for many years and takes good care of them. Occasionally, she puts little heels inside of her shoes to make herself look taller than she actually is. Don't ask her about them, though- she will never give you a clear answer.
STRENGTHS|Quick-witted, calm, graceful under pressure
WEAKNESSES|Irritable, cold, socially inept

MENTAL/EMOTIONAL DESCRIPTION| Ronja comes off as overly strict and snobby. She tends to act like she's better than anyone she meets- on the other hand, she only really acts strict because she thinks she has to. She is very routine-driven and loves to identify patterns in everyday objects. With a fondness for puzzles and a determined attitude, it's very easy for her to get down to the nitty-gritty and fix problems. She is not openly affectionate, but expresses her feelings towards other people through her actions- both the good and the bad. Ronja likes wordplay and puns, and often thinks of them to herself. Occasionally, this results in her sittimg around with a strained expression, trying not to laugh for no apparent reason.

She does not tolerate rule-breakers or fools. If she deems you an idiot, she won't even give you the time of day. If she likes you, though, she's willing to overlook a bit of foolishness or rebelliousness- as long as there's a logical reason behind it. She doesn't really understand other people's emotions that well, which often leads to arguments. The best way to connect with her is intellectually. If you try to describe what you're going through in a factual manner, the chances that she'll understand and respond appropriately will go up drastically.

HOMETOWN/REGION| Folcen Town, North Saidonis
BACKGROUND| Ronja was born to an ancient line of Collectors. She is the youngest of six siblings by four years. She grew up learning how to sit properly and properly negotiate bargains to come out on top. As a result, she grew up lacking socially, the effects of which are still felt today.

She was largely raised by her older siblings instead of her parents, who were too busy grooming the oldest twins for business. She doesn't resent her parents for neglecting her; in fact, she doesn't feel anything towards them at all. When she was six, she was giften a bred Deino. The two became fast friends.

Around age nine, she started expressing interest in becoming a trainer as opposed to a collector. Her parents vehemently disagreed, but most of her siblings couldn't care less. Her only older sister, Karen, supported her wholeheartedly out of spite for her parents- not because she wanted to see her younger sister flourish.

Around fifteen, she started researching dragon types extensively. If Elspeth, her Deino, was one, then it only made logical sense to continue, if only to learn more about her battle capabilities. She grew immensely interested in the type as a result; it was this that led her to become a dragon-type specialist.

When she turned twenty three, she moved out entirely. Now, she aims to master the dragon type before taking the gym challenge- after all, what was a better revenge than proving her parents that not only did she excell in her field as a non-Collector, but was among the best?

POKEMON| Deino (♀)

Ronja Rødvand (Complete) Deino_by_creepyjellyfish-d7a43lw

NATURE| Modest (+Sp. Atk, -Atk)

1- Tackle
2- Dragon Rage
3- Focus Energy

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PostSubject: Re: Ronja Rødvand (Complete)   Ronja Rødvand (Complete) EmptyTue Jan 10, 2017 9:15 pm

Happy to say that this application is the first to be approved! Welcome to Pokemon Prism! Enjoy your stay (:
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Ronja Rødvand (Complete)
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