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 Markus Hedrick (Complete)

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PostSubject: Markus Hedrick (Complete)   Markus Hedrick (Complete) EmptyTue Jan 10, 2017 3:49 pm

NAME| Markus Hedrick
NICKNAME| Mark (only among friends)
AGE| 20-years-old

HEIGHT| 190.5 centimeters
WEIGHT| 64 kilograms
EYE COLOR| Chocolate Brown

PHYSICAL/APPAREL DESCRIPTION| Markus Hedrick is slightly underweight and lacks any outstanding muscle size. He keeps his hair long enough to reach just into his eyes, preferring the shaggy look. Despite his appearance, Markus was an endurance runner in his school years, and still maintains the ability to run long distances without too much trouble. He is noticeably pale, something accredited to his origins in Sinnoh. He has a nervous tick that causes him to scrunch his nose when feeling anxious. His movements always have a touch of grace to them, as though he knows exactly what to do and when to do it. His legs are rather long, even for his height. This allows him to move rather quickly, taking long strides even in his usual walk. His friends often have to hurry to keep pace with him, though he doesn't seem to notice. His weight has attracted the attention of several concerned friends and doctors. To the best of anyone's diagnosis, he seems to just have a very high metabolism, causing some to be somewhat envious of his slenderness.

His main attire includes a white collared shirt and black khakis, typically rotated with a black collared shirt and a pair of tan khakis. On formal occasions he wears a deep navy suit with a blue tie, accompanied by a pair of black dress pants. Markus often wears a pair of black loafers when he's not knee deep in snow, finding himself in a pair of brown snow boots when he is. He wears a black trench coat on cold nights, finding it to be rather comfortable.
STRENGTHS| Able to run long distances without exhaustion; intelligent; strategically-minded
WEAKNESSES| Bad under pressure; often takes jokes/insults to heart; often finds himself struggling to justify improving his own skill
MENTAL/EMOTIONAL DESCRIPTION|Markus finds first impressions to be very important, often judging people harshly based on how he first meets them. He keeps a small group of very close friends, not seeing the point in having friends that weren't very close. Markus often refrains from making jokes, afraid they'll come off in an unintentionally rude manner. He has a hard time taking jokes as jokes, usually letting them affect him personally. Markus struggles to hide expressions of annoyance or frustration, often allowing it to show in his voice or through his facial features. He's not very patient, usually tapping his foot out of habit when his patience begins to wear thin.

He does not mind socializing with people at all, but finds it hard to immediately trust people. Despite this, Markus typically acts friendly to the people he meets, whether he trusts them or not. If left with a bad impression of a person, Markus will attempt to either avoid communicating with them or, if necessary to talk, leave out emotion from his voice to the best of his ability. While he doesn't mind socializing, he is much more comfortable alone with his Pokémon, going on journeys through caves and other areas to find rare items.

Markus was widely considered to be one of the smartest kids in his class. He greatly enjoys mathematics and many areas of science. However, his true passion has always been finding rare items.

HOMETOWN/REGION| Snowpoint City, Sinnoh Region.
BACKGROUND| Markus grew up in a quaint home in Snowpoint City. His parents were former explorers of the Sinnoh and Unova regions, exploring every nook and cranny they could find. As a result, Markus always looked up to them, hoping to be an explorer just like them. By the time he was first entering school he was obsessed with discovering items and treasures like his parents.

Markus grew up without siblings, but rarely felt lonely because of how much attention his parents gave to him. Throughout his childhood years they continued to tell him about their journeys and treasures, continuously awing the boy. He never gave up on his studies though, quite enjoying going to school.

Over time he gathered a few friends and stuck to them. While he didn't hang out with them incredibly often, he made sure to devote a few days of the month to them. They fully supported his decision to focus on studying, most of them doing the same. When he was old enough to begin exploring the surrounding area, they tagged along as often as they could. Over time they grew bored of the tedious searches, but Markus never found boredom.

Instead, one day, Markus found danger. While most Pokemon in the area were friendly enough, there were some that were willing to target humans in an attempt to build respect among other Pokemon. While Markus was generally good at avoiding these, as per his parents' instructions. At the age of sixteen, his luck ran out. A particularly mischievous Sneasel started messing with Markus, stealing food from his backpack and, eventually, cutting the backpack straps entirely. Markus attempted to run away, but the Sneasel attacked, assuming he would have more food on him. As it prepared to hurt him, it was blasted back by a flurry of sharp leaves. As Markus scrambled up to escape, he saw the Pokemon that saved him: a Snover.

After escaping, Markus went back the next day to see if he could find his rescuer. Much to his surprise, it approached him with a smile, seeming to like him. The Snover tagged along with Markus during his search for more secrets. After returning home, the boy explained what had happened to his parents. They were more than happy to take in the Pokemon, allowing it to be his partner.

The two went on journeys every other day, exploring every inch of the surrounding areas. He continued his studies of course, maintaining a position near top of his class. Which is why it surprised everyone when he revealed he would not be going to college, and would instead be going to another region to explore and find secrets like his parents did. After two years of gathering money through odd jobs around Sinnoh, he was able to afford to travel to Saidonis.

Inventory Items:

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Earned Trainer XP
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Money Earned
Items Obtained

Edit Log:

POKEMON| Snover (♂)

Markus Hedrick (Complete) Snover

NICKNAME| Chillwood


1- Powder Snow
2- Leer
3- Razor Leaf
4- N/A

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Markus Hedrick (Complete)
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