Team Rocket has partnered up with Team Prism and have created a new existence of Pokemon - Prismon. We have to put a stop to them and save the Saidonis region!
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 Prismon Plot

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PostSubject: Prismon Plot   Prismon Plot EmptySat Jan 07, 2017 2:14 am

Pokemon Prism or Prismon for short is a pokemon roleplay that takes place in the lovely region of Saidonis. A new yet small organization of scientist who call themselves Team Prism have joined Team Rocket hand in hand on a top secret project they call Operation Prism! Team Rocket, being as cocky as ever, thought they could manipulate the small organization into giving them all the pokemon DNA research they could get, little did Team Rocket know, Team Prism was already several steps ahead of them and ended up expanding faster than any other organization has in pokemon history.

Using the information they discovered from Team rocket, team Prism disguised themselves as rocket grunts and captured and stole hundreds of pokemon from all over the Saidonis region. Bringing the pokemon back to their lab they genetically altered their DNA creating what the Saidonis region calls, Prism Type Pokemon. Water type charizard's, Fire type venusaur's, grass type blastoise's and much more. However catching and stealing regular every day pokemon wasn't enough. Somehow Team Prism managed to kidnap the legendary space pokemon Deoxys, and by utilizing its DNA they managed to also completely change not only a pokemon's typing but also how it May look. Team Rocket confused, distraught you name it, is now reaching out to the people of Saidonis to put an end to Team Prism, but soon we all will know how in control Team Prism really is. Gym battles, Contests, Eilte four, are just half the adventure in this action packed pokemon Roleplay. Are you the hero this region needs?
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Prismon Plot
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