Team Rocket has partnered up with Team Prism and have created a new existence of Pokemon - Prismon. We have to put a stop to them and save the Saidonis region!
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 Prismon Board Rules

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PostSubject: Prismon Board Rules   Prismon Board Rules EmptyThu Sep 29, 2016 12:53 pm

Welcome to Pokemon Prism!! I'll start off with the basics that everyone, whether you're a trainer, collector, etc- has to know. And that of course would be the rules of conduct that everyone has to follow, regardless of your position, age, gender, or race. Any violations of the following will not necessarly result in a ban or even a suspension, but of course you should be careful not to violate any of them in the first place. Now then, here we go:

Prism Rules

  • Listen to your staff. We're staff for a reason - and we tend to do what's necessary to keep a certain balance. If we tell you to stop, do so. If you refuse, then you will most likely be banned for a minimum of 24 hours. Repeated offenses may eventually lead to a perma-ban, although that's generally rare. 

  • No trolling. This should go without saying. Be respectful towards your fellow members.

  • This is a casual site. As such, all posts must be at LEAST 5 five sentences, 10 words each. No less. If you can't meet this requirement, then you're not fit to RP - since it's one of the lowest set standards. It's just above one word or one sentence posts. It's too little, if you ask me.

  • Please keep your posts simple! There is absolutely no need for you to center a post or to make everything italicized. You may add color to quotes, and even change the font depending on what it’s for, but please keep it simple.

  • This is a PG-13 role play. We do allow minimal cussing, but please keep it minimal.

  • If you're posting IC, make sure to tag OOC comments. It gets confusing and frustrating otherwise, and it's nice to keep things tidy.

  • Avatars should all be equal to or less than 125 pixels in width, so as to avoid stretching out the page and making things unslightly.

  • Signatures should be kept as short and brief as possible. If you like to make things flashy, please put all of your images and such into a spoiler, so that it doesn't stretch out the page excessively. 

  • If you should by chance see a member disobey the rules, please notify a staff member immediately. Feel free to point them here and explain what they did wrong, but it's a lot easier for the staff if you help us keep track of these things.

  • Keep in mind that inactive accounts are deleted regularly. If you're going to be away, make sure to say so in the farewell section, so that your account isn't deleted due to inactivity. If it is eventually deleted because you failed to do so, then sorry, but you're out of luck. PMing an administrator will do the job as well.

  • If you have a problem, tell us. If something is bothering you, whether it be a rule, another member, or even one of us staff members - it's always best to point it out rather than wait until you can't hold it in any longer. It's always in our interest to better the site until it's reached it's fullest potential, so anything you have in mind could be truly helpful.

  • No advertising anywhere other than the advertising forum! Requests for affiliation are welcome.

  • Don't spread anybody's personal information without their given consent. You can spread your own however, but keep in mind consequences of your actions

  • And of course, have fun. That's all we're here for after all; not drama.


Character Rules

  • You may have up to THREE characters. Please keep ALL of them active! Make at least 2 posts with each of your characters [at least every month].

  • Register with different account depending on your character. Self explanatory - but please make it clear that it is in fact an alternate account. Otherwise it will be considered a violation of the alternate account rule; (You may only have one account per character, putting nearly every member at a three account max.)


RP Rules

  • This is a rated PG13 RP board. However, minor profanity, relationships ad what not still exist, nothing sexually indepth or overly vulgar may occur under any circumstances, this goes for both In character and Out of Character.

  • Our system is GMed based; our moderators supply members IC with NPC, wild pokemon, etc. Members cannot decide their own encounters, and moderators like wise, cannot mod themselves. It's an interactive RP. Makes things more exciting.

  • As noted before, you MUST RP post at least twice a month. In my opinion, that in itself is exceptionally minimal, but I understand that everyone is limited to their internet due to school, work, etc. But remember, if you're gonna be inactive for a while, PM an admin or post in farewells to help us keep track of things. 

  • No liquid time. What is that? Liquid time is when you're in two places or more at the same time. If you made a training topic while still in a plot topic, the levels earned in said training topic do not apply until your current plot thread is finished. This applies to anything and everything outside of levels - be it items, money, or pokemon. They cannot be added to your party/inventory/etc until your current plot topic has been closed. Also keep in mind that every city/town/village as a PrisTech Totem which you can freely teleport to, just as long as the topic you are teleporting from has at least 15 posts in the topic.

    Please note- you can have a maximum of three different topics at a time (one battle/catching, one training thread, and one chat thread.). HOWEVER, you cannot have more than one thread that involves battling or catching Pokèmon- to prevent confusion and potential cheating.

  • Don't godmod. Duh.

  • Don't godmode either. Characters will immediately be turned down if they're given too many exceptional qualities. Keep in mind that "being a genius" doesn't matter so much, but having telepathy or being able to talk with Pokemon is a bit too much. Just a tad. Point taken?

  • Don't add levels to your Pokemon, if they were not earned fair and square. I do personally try to keep track and make sure that nobody is cheating, and yes, it's impossible for me to keep track of everyone. But really - what's the fun in cheating? There is none, exactly. If you do choose to cheat however, be careful that you don't make it blantantly obvious. Anyone caught cheating will have their inventory and party depleted as punishment. After a warning, of course.

  • You ARE allowed to skip areas. You can go whenever you want, and we can all simply say that you passed through a given area passively.

  • The money system can be divided into two sections; pokemoney and credits. They go hand in hand of course, but despite having an equal value, credits can generally get more... Valuable items. You can find more information on credits in the news and announcements forum. 


  • First offense results in a warning, with a few exceptions. These exceptions include: spamming of any kind, linking anything related to porn, and excessive god modding. 

  • Second offense results in another warning, or a temporary ban, ranging from 24 to 48 hours.

  • Anything past a second offense generally results in a temporary ban, ranging from 48 to an entire week. This ban may differentiate between the board itself and the c-box. It's usually both, though.

Read Me:

All of the above also apply in each of the forum c-box. Displinary actions are the equivalent there as they would be on the forum itself.
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Prismon Board Rules
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