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 Battle Rules

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Battle Rules

More often than not, pokemon trainers are included in events called simply “battles” where two trainers pit their respective pokemon against each other one at a time. The object of the battle is to knock out the opponent’s pokemon one at a time until said opponent runs out of pokemon to send out. At the beginning of the battle, each trainer (usually in secret) decides which pokemon to call out. Then in the first turn, they decide on their attacks to use. Normally, the pokemon with the highest Speed stat goes first, but since this isn't a stat based system; we prefer to have moderators make the decisions. If it's a pvp battle - members can decide amongst themselves. Of course, should they find it difficult to agree, then a staff member can simply step and and take the reins. Decisions are based on stats of course, but the majority of the reasoning comes from common sense. For example, a pokemon covered in string shot will naturally have to take the time to free itself before lunging in with a double slap attack. The following are general battle rules that every member must know.

  • There's a maximum of two attacks per post. No more than two, although you can of course choose to do less than that.  

  • When making a combo, keep the rules of autohitting and godmodding in mind. 

  • You can automatically hit your opponent ONCE in your own RP. He or she must choose if the rest of the moves hit or not. Assuming your RP l

  • Dodges are unlimited, but you can't dodge every attack. You cannot dodge 3 moves in a row, and there's a maximum of two dodges per page of RP.

  • Do not forget level differences. If I attack a level 5 Eevee with a Level 50 Pidgeot, Eevee is going to faint if the first move deals any type of damage whatsoever.

  • Be fair. If you see any cheating send any of the admins a PM.

Status Attacks and afflictions:

Certain attacks do not deal direct damage to a pokemon’s Hit Points. Some pokemon like to undermine and destroy a pokemon’s defenses and attacks before commencing the real battle. A Status attack does not work like a regular attack. Damage varies between them, just as it does between normal attacks, but status attacks have other effects that may or may not take place after landing a clean hit. For example. if a pokemon is hit with flamethrower, there's a possibility that the victim would be burned, no? Unless an attack has a specific ratio in regards to how often it's effects occur; moderators generally decide when a pokemon is poisoned, burned, confused, etc.

Gym Rules

What are gyms/gym leaders? 

As the name implies, gyms are places in which pokemon trainers can go to train their pokemon. It's purpose is to sharpen a trainer's battle skills, and have their pokemon gain experience. Each gym specializes in a particular elemental type, giving trainers room to test out different strategies. A Gym Leader is the most powerful trainer in a given gym. Every trainer's goal is to defeat all 8 of a region's gym leaders, in order to challenge the elite four, and hopefully become the pokemon champion.

Gym battles aren't all too different from normal pokemon battles, but there are still a few differences that need to be pointed out.

  • Gym battles can only be modded by a GM or above. Why? Simply to ensure that the person doing it knows what they're doing. Gym battles are meant to be difficult, after all.

  • Normally a challenger sets the conditions for a battle. In Saidonis, this is not the case. Gym leaders in Saidonis seemed to have tougher pokemon than the other regions, meaning a lot of training is going to have to take place if you hope to beat any of them!

  • No using items in a gym battle. It may seem unfair, but again, gym battles are really supposed to be more difficult than they are in the games. As such, neither the challenger or the leader can use items in an official gym challenge. 

  • Do not physically injure a gym leader. On purpose, that is. But considering there are cameras all over the gym, it's pretty clear that you'll get caught for doing it on purpose. This isn't so much a rule as it is a warning. Injuring a random NPC is one thing, but injuring a gym leader will get your character locked up for who knows how long. 
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Battle Rules
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