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 Experience System

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PostSubject: Experience System   Experience System EmptyThu Sep 29, 2016 1:12 pm

The following is a somewhat brief description as to how your pokemon can gain levels IC. Pokemon gain levels via battling (in plot threads and in training topics; training has it's own separate system. If you don't understand the term, read the thread provided.)

A simple explanation as to how our leveling system works; you gain one experience point every battle won. (Won as in, you knocked out the opponent's pokemon, singular or plural, and remained standing afterward. 

    -Draws/losses/Pokemon or opponent Fleeing gives you half an XP point 

And of course, a pokemon cannot gain experience if it didn't participate in a battle of sorts. 

Pokemon of a certain level require more experience to level up again:

    Levels 1 - 16 require 1 experience pointLevels 17 - 50 require 2 experience pointsLevels 51 - 100 require 3 experience points

Please refer to Battling Rules.
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Experience System
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