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 Contest Rules

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PostSubject: Contest Rules   Contest Rules EmptyThu Sep 29, 2016 1:11 pm

Rules and Guide’s. Please read before you make a topic.

2) This is how it goes on in a Pokemon Contest. Remember only Coordinator’s can compete in Pokemon Contest so there isn’t really any point of reading this if your not a Coordinator.

PART 1: Joining a Contest

When you want to join a Contest PM a Admin or Mod. In the pm you put in what Contest Hall (What City/Town) and your character's name. He will announce that there will be a contest in the place you wanted it to be. People can PM the Admin or Mods if they want to join the contest as well. People have 5 days to join in. On day 6 the contest will begin. The total people that can join are 10. If there are not enough people to start a contest a Admin or Mod will play NPC's. Every Contest Hall has it's own rules.

Note: You cannot just magically appear in the town you want. You do have to walk there. So, when you pick what town you want to go to, you might want to pick a town that's close to where you are.

PART 2: Round 1
The Preformance

A Admin or Mod will make a Topic to Rp on. You will be announced by Kelly Valentine. The presenter of all the contests. The judges will be:
1) Nurse Joy (played by a mod)
2) (Gym Leader of the town you are in.) (Played by a other mod)
3) Mr. Contesta (Played by a other mod.)

At the beginning you will be given a number witch says when it's your turn. When it's your turn you will be announced by Kelly. When she is done the round begins.

You can choose to you a Ball Capsule or not. If you choose to, you have a lot of options you can choose. We suggest using one that suits your Pokemon.

In round 1 you use attacks to show off your Pokemon. Then all 3 judges give you points from 1 to 10. The 2 people with the lowest score are eliminated.

(This must be at least two paragraphs.)

Example of Performance


Ryan was looking at the crowd. He looked pretty sure of himself. The field was part water and part grass. Ryan placed his PokeBall in a Ball Capsule and placed a sticker on it. He smirked as he threw his PokeBall. "Kirlia! Show!" Kirlia jumped elegantly out of her Pokeball. She was surrounded by Dark Flower petals.

"Psychic!" Kirlia her eyes started to glow blue. The petals started to twirl around her. Kirlia started to twirl around with them. She elegantly jumped out of the petals like a ballerina (What Kirlia is known for). The Petals followed her. Kirlia did all kind of ballerina tricks. She eventually ended up in the middle again. She began to twirl around very quick. The petals started to get further away from her as they circled around Kirlia. Kirlia suddenly stopped, the petals fell on the audience. Kirlia bowed to the audience.

PART 3: Round 2.
The Battle

The people that went through to the next round will have to battle against each other. The people who go against each other shall be totally random. If one player's Pokémon faints the battle ends immediately and the other player is the victor. Like in the anime you have a meter. But in this case you have 100 points. When both people that posted in the rp the Gym Leader, Nurse Joy and Ashley will say who lost points and how many. When the meter hits zero, the other player is the victor. They battle will take 3 pages (If a Pokemon didn't faint yet, or if someone didn't run out of points yet). The person with the most points left is the victor. The winner of a round will go to the next round. Eventually there will be a winner.

PART 4: The Ribbon

When a winner is chosen he/she will be awarded the city's Ribbon. He/she will also be granted some cash. The better you preformed overall the more you get. The highest you can get is $3000

Different Contest Halls

Every Contest Hall has its own special hall. When you do something with whatever is around you, you get more points. Like it's a water field, if you do something with the water you get extra points.

Contest Halls:
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Contest Rules
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