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 Professors Guide

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PostSubject: Professors Guide   Professors Guide EmptyThu Sep 29, 2016 1:09 pm

There have been some modifications to professors and the way their labs are run. 

For everyone:

So every beginner MUST go to the lab and get at LEAST their starter package. If you already wrote your starter into your history, you don't have to get your Pokemon from the lab, if you don't have a Pokemon in your history you MUST get it as well. You automatically get their 'number' registered on your PrisGear, so you can chat with them if you're bored IC or something. 

The starter package itself consists of: 5x Pokèballs, a Pokèdex, and a starter if you don't have one. Depending on the quality of your posts, some mods like to give out bonus items.

For Breeders, Trainer, Collectors, or Coordinators:

A professor MIGHT pick you to test out some things they have invented. This could range from Pokeballs to alternatives to the PrisGear.

For Researchers:

Researchers WORK for professors so his numbers recorded in their PrisGear. Professors might randomly call you to examine certain parts of Saidonis, and they will pay you if you manage to complete that task.
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Professors Guide
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