Team Rocket has partnered up with Team Prism and have created a new existence of Pokemon - Prismon. We have to put a stop to them and save the Saidonis region!
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Hey, Guest, did you know that each city/town has a Local Totem that can be used to teleport to other cities/towns you've already visited? Makes traveling a whole lot easier!



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Encounter Types:
Just as one can have encounters unexpectedly when going about the world in both reality and fiction, so too can one have a variety of events occur when traveling about. There are six categories which encounters can be divided into, as listed below.

  • Random Encounter: The most basic of encounters, a random encounter simply means you will randomly experience one of the other five encounters.
  • Wild Pokemon: As the name implies, in this particular case, one can encounter wild Pokemon local to the route. The quantity can vary, as some Pokemon tend to travel about in groups, but generally it will be the same Pokemon species, and lower numbers are more common.
  • Trainer Battle: The gauntlet of trainers on each route is a staple of the Pokemon franchise, and true to that, one can often encounter people willing to battle, for any number of reasons ranging from training to just being a bad person. These folks are generally weaker than most players, but they shouldn’t be taken too lightly.
  • Natural Obstacle: Sometimes nature can be your own greatest enemy! These obstacles are generally things such as storms, blocked paths, difficult terrain, etc. You’ll need both creativity and tenacity if you want to overcome these blockages.
  • Item Find: Every once in awhile you can be lucky enough to stumble across an item in the wilderness. Note though, items aren’t always easy to get to. Some may entail an npc asking you to do something for them, or some items might be up on a ledge.
  • Special Encounter:These encounters are where mods’ creativity can shine the most. One may stumble across a variety of things, depending on what the mod decides. Mods can also simply decide that they want to choose one of the other options and do that. For those who control villainous teams, encounters with them can fall under this category. Lastly, gym battles, contests, and meeting professors all count as special encounters. Special encounters can also be triggered by special conditions.

Determining Which Encounters Happen:
Players have some say in what encounters that they get, though they are not completely in control.

There are four types of encounters which players can request, Wild Pokemon, Trainer Battles, Random Encounters, and Special Encounters. When requesting an encounter, private message the mod responsible for that region as listed here. As some notes, a player cannot determine which pokemon they encounter (and naturally can only encounter wild pokemon in routes), or the nature of the trainer they encounter. Also, you can only request a special encounter in the case of entering a contest, challenging a gym, or meeting a notable npc local to the town or route you are in.[/url]

Beyond requesting encounters, there are similarly methods which can be employed by players to ensure they do not get any encounters on their threads, good for if you do not wish to be interrupted. [b]To prevent having encounters, simply put “[NE]” within the title of your thread, though this does not stop all encounter.

Now, why might one need to prevent encounters? Simple, Mods are able to cause Random Encounters in threads unexpectedly, as one can’t always control what happens in life. Any thread not tagged with “[NE]” can experience a random encounter at the discretion of the mod controlling the region.

Special Encounters also may occur at mod discretion as well, based upon particular conditions being met. Generally, a special encounter specifically chosen to happen is a result of a mod consensus, and can generally be considered a very plot important event. Alternatively, if one is performing crime that is highly noticeable, a special encounter with local authorities and even gym leaders can be triggered in order to address the crime. Note that a reaction to crime is the only encounter which can occur in [NE] threads. These reactions can also be triggered by special encounters that involve villainous organizations, depending on mod discussion.
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