Team Rocket has partnered up with Team Prism and have created a new existence of Pokemon - Prismon. We have to put a stop to them and save the Saidonis region!
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Hey everybody! Let's give a warm welcome to our newest member:!
Hey, Guest, did you know that each city/town has a Local Totem that can be used to teleport to other cities/towns you've already visited? Makes traveling a whole lot easier!



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Angel Dazai.Osamu.240.2067792

-Thirty Three-
"I always thought being a Pokemon Champion would be as great as everyone dreamed it would. But once I became the champion, I soon discovered there was so much more to do and that I had barely gone anywhere in my life journey. Battle me so I can see what you have been through up till this moment."

PERSONALITY: Making friends and studying all he can about his surroundings and the people in them Angel is a champion that likes to set himself away from the rest. He doesn't want to be looked upon as a celebrity like most he also doesn't want people to think he is better than them. He has his own views on life which seem to be unclear, but that's just apart of the journey.

Angel Silvally
NAME: Silvally

Angel Metagross
NAME: Metagross

Angel Kommo-o
NAME: Komo

Angel Golisopod
NAME: Gordon

Angel Wigglytuff
NAME: Tuff Stuff

Angel Eelektross
NAME: Ellie
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