Team Rocket has partnered up with Team Prism and have created a new existence of Pokemon - Prismon. We have to put a stop to them and save the Saidonis region!
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Hey everybody! Let's give a warm welcome to our newest member:!
Hey, Guest, did you know that each city/town has a Local Totem that can be used to teleport to other cities/towns you've already visited? Makes traveling a whole lot easier!

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PostSubject: Hector   Mon Jan 16, 2017 3:24 am

-Thirty Two-
"If your heart is pure, you should have no problem beating me in a match. Your will to win must be stronger than your will to fight."

PERSONALITY: Hector in some cases is like his younger brother, Gym Leader Emmanuel, he tends to zone out from time to time, but usually it is because he has "visions" about the future and what can be done to prevent any bad outcomes. He is so connected with his pokemon half the time he doesn't even need to shout a command in order for his pokemon to know what to do next.

NAME: Sableye

NAME: spiritomb

NAME: Tyranitar

NAME: Pangoro

NAME: Gourgeist

NAME: Golurk
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