Team Rocket has partnered up with Team Prism and have created a new existence of Pokemon - Prismon. We have to put a stop to them and save the Saidonis region!
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Hey everybody! Let's give a warm welcome to our newest member:!
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 Meet The Mods

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PostSubject: Meet The Mods   Meet The Mods EmptySun Jan 15, 2017 12:09 am

Welcome to the site, and as you’re browsing the rules, we on the mod team want to make a special point of welcoming you to the site, and introducing ourselves. Naturally, here the responsibilities of different types of mods our also discussed, so you know the best person to go to for each issue.

Encounter Mods
The folks who make the real magic happen, encounter mods add that extra random pop. Each in charge of a region, you never know when one of these folks will show up to deliver anything ranging from an avalanche to free items, though they’re usually a bit less extreme than this. Encounter Mods handle wild pokemon, gym battles, and contests within their regions, as well as other events key to site plot. An ancient ritual ensures that even the mods don’t know exactly what encounters they’ll cause.
  • X is working hard to write professionally and spends her time on here to develop her craft. She's on at odd hours, so if you have any questions at 3:00 AM she is probably the best to ask. Responsible For: Southern Saidonis and NPCs within, she likes to create unique personalities for everyone she rolls. Her mother is very proud.

These machines of pure focus are the cogs that keep everyone progressing smoothly along their journeys. Graders give rewards at the end of threads to those worthy, which includes all that sick money, leveling up your Pokemon, and doling out trainer exp. Beyond that, these experts can also give advice on filling out your character sheets, as well as approve characters.
  • None Yet

Global Mods
With all the responsibilities of both Graders and Encounter Mods, these poor souls can usually be spotted by their dead gaze. If you have an issue, these are who you take up your complaints with, though expect a fair retort. As implied, they can also do anything that can be done by Encounter Mods and Graders. Global Mods will also run encounters for Encounter Mods when the latter’s characters are questing within their region of control.
  • Indigo: Despite always being busy, this rodent sports an unnaturally cheery demeanor. Chances are some manner of deal with the devil took place to make this possible. Direct questions about rules and systems here. Responsible For: Team Prism as well as Western Saidonis and the NPCs within.

Head Admin
The big boss, and much like with Giovanni, all the rest of the mods are but grunts to his whims. All powers technically fall within his domain, and he has final say on all disputes, as well as when it comes to writing the rules. Overarching plots and new developments are born by his will.
  • Osiris: The head honcho, but by no means the big bad, this fellow is always a friendly site in the chatbox. He’ll help you out in a jam, but at what terrible cost? None, he’s just nice. Responsible For: Team Rocket, the Elite Four, Professor Hawthorn, and both Eastern Saidonis and Northern Saidonis as well as the NPCs within.
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Meet The Mods
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