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 Happiness System

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PostSubject: Happiness System   Happiness System EmptyThu Sep 29, 2016 1:20 pm

Happiness System:

This system is created for Happiness evolutions such as: Pichu and Riolu.

All Pokémon start with 10 Happiness
Giving Nicknames will help make them happy.
Try to keep them away from fainting and other dangers.
You must get you Pokémon to love you by getting them up to 100 Happiness
Take your Pokémon to contest - if they win they will become happier.

All actions with '*' Can only be done once a day.

*Petting: +5
*Warming them: +10
Winning a battle: +5
*Feed: +10
Winning Contest: +20
Nickname: +5
Giving it a Soothe Bell: Auto Evolve

*Not petting: -10
Letting them Faint: -10
Not feeding it: -15

We will leave the Hapiness points be calculated by you guys, but if people start abusing the system stricter rules will be applied.
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Happiness System
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