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 Training Rules

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PostSubject: Training Rules   Training Rules EmptyThu Sep 29, 2016 1:16 pm

A system that allows members to train their pokemon outside of their current plot thread. That means you can have one training thread and one plot thread at the same time. 

Battle Leveling

Level 1 - 15 ~~ 1 Battle per level
Level 16 - 50 ~~ 2 Battles per level
Level 51 - 100 ~~ 3 Battles per level

Training leveling

Level 1 - 15 ~~ 400+ Words per level
Level 16 - 50 ~~ 650+ Words per level
Level 51 - 100 ~~ 875+ Words per level

If you watched or read, the anime or manga, you see that trainers train their Pokemon not only in battles, but in training sessions. it sounds logical, therefore, that, take pikachu learning iron tail and other trainings, that said pikachu must have "leveled" in the process. Not only that but the series shows trainers doing this type of training many times. This system will allow you to train your Pokemon on your own, without only battles. Doing this will require so many words before you get your level. Why? Well, Ash and turtwig did not stand still and turtwig suddenly learned to spin did they? This also accounts for the lack of having to deploy strategy, like you must in a battle. Note that, as this is a RP that is too relaxed for some of my tastes, I still lowered the word count to a range that is reasonable for most members already here.

While the post count recommended for each level that might be gained by training sessions is still a bit high considering this is a relaxed RP- I find it reasonable, if you keep in mind that training sessions aren't required to level up. Battling is still of course, the fastest way of leveling up, but training is hands down the easiest.

In other words, having training sessions as another way of leveling can be seen as an advantage; perhaps too much of one. With battling, there is no guarantee that you will win and proceed to level up- whereas with training; all you have to do is simply write the minimum post count and voilà! Your Pokemon has managed to gather the necessary experience in order to level.

It's not complex in the slightest. Imagine a Beedrill practicing it's furry attacks. All you would have to do, is simply make a post [with the required word count] that explains what your Beedrill is doing to get better. He or she could perhaps be attack leaves that fall from a tree- or maybe attacking a rock nearby? It's hard to explain something like that, true- even for those with commendable creativity, Still, even if training is more difficult, and still only has the same amount of experience in the end as battling might- it is a choice to do so, not a necessity.

It's true, battling is the easiest and simplest way of leveling- but what's another way a Pokemon can condition, and hone their skills, without fighting? Training takes much longer, and is not quite as straightforward as battling; Think of any type of athlete- for example, a swimmer. Now, the swimmer could immediately jump into the pool and race against others in order to gain experience and fame- BUT. They could also spend some time TRAINING: swimming some laps to improve their speed, or perhaps practicing their breathing to improve endurance. "What does this have to do with a Pokemon's leveling?" Simple; Can a Pokemon truly become the best merely by kicking other people's asses? Yeah. They can. But for those with a less violent and straightforward approach, training is another method to give their skills a boost. But if you think about, the outcome of training and battling is the same. Overall even- Battling does have an advantage over training, due to the obvious time difference. [Post count] So you might ask- "What about the people who do both? Don't they have an advantage over both sides?" No, that's really not the case. This isn't some moral code or anything- it's not Star Wars LIGHT side or DARK side. Simplified:

Battle+Battle= Fastest

The entire reason Training is a good idea, isn't because it would give an advantage to those with more 'creativity'- rather, it's created to get rid of a disadvantage that some people might have: if they weren't good at battling. It would be simply another option for trainers- making things less constricting on current and future members.
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Training Rules
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